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Trip to Albanian Alps

  • Posted on:  Friday, 30 June 2017 10:14

Foreign and domestic experts of Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3) and PM Group Consortium conducted field visits in Albanian Alps, in the framework of drafting National Sectoral Tourism Plan, in order to explore the entire area included in the plan, terrains, natural beauties, touristic potential as well as cultural and human values offered by the Albanian Alps. The field visits served also to know how tourism has been developed till now and opportunities for further development by talking closely with different tourists and local residents to see their point of view.

The Albanian Alps area is positioned between mountains and high peaks, is one of the most stunning areas, combining contrasts such as the natural severity of the terrain with the divine softness of the landscape. In this area there are numerous natural monuments with unrepeatable beauty. Rare natural beauties intertwine with cultural and historical heritage. This area is characterized by the welcoming tradition of local residents, which has impressed even foreign tourists.

Some of the most attractive touristic attractions are Valbona Valley, Thethi, Vermoshi, Tamara, Drini valley, which offers an impressive ferry ride from Fierza to Koman, as well as many other special beauty spots that serve as a potential for attracting as many tourists as possible, thus promoting the development of tourism and economic growth in the Albanian Alps Region.

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