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The specific and tangible goal is to increase the number of educated women and girls as a tool of changing their family, social and economic position

 This goal was realized through several steps such as:

  • Identification of women with few economic and social opportunities, with minimal education and unemployed.
  • Selection and inclusion of fiveof them in vocational training on job, in one of the fields as hairdressing, kitchen and tailoring, depending on their preferences and tendencies.
  • Collaboration with local businesses in the fields covered, for providing courses and trainings to selected women.
  • The financial and logistical support of one of the five trained women to set up her own business.

This project will help not only women who will be selected to be professionally trained but will create a culture of gender emancipation that will remodel the role of women in the family and society.

The Institute's goal goes far beyond the social and economic emancipation first, as we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project's positive impacts. This project aims precisely to break the mental barriers to move forward towards the development of women in this area.

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