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IP3 has been engaged throughout the process of analyzing and drafting decentralization reform by providing technical assistance to Albanian Government.

IP3 experts together with the Council of Europe expert, Mr. Robert Hertzog and the UNDP expert, Mrs. Jana Trost held a seminar with representatives of central and local government on decentralization, implementation of the Territorial Reform and preparation of local governments in the application and benefit of European Union projects. Strengthening the interaction among all stakeholders and promoting a common understanding of concepts such as harmonization, decentralization and local governance between representatives of the Albanian government and development partners were at the center of the discussion. Recommendations on the above areas were provided to stakeholders and interest groups at central and local level.

Also IP3 has been part of the discussions for drafting the new Law on Local Governance, together with representatives of USAID, representatives of central government and mayors. During the various discussions, the need for drafting a new law on local government has been expressed as a necessity for the implementation of the Administrative Territorial Reform and as an increased expectation of citizens towards local government.

IP3 with the support of DLDP has conducted a deep analysis for monitoring new functions allocated to local government. The monitoring process of devolved functions was realized through detailed questionnaires and structured interviews with the line ministries to get a detailed analysis of financial resources, organizational structure, human resources and the way of delivering the service before and after the devolution of the functions. The results and some recommendations were provided to national level. The monitoring process is very important to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of new services.

Also IP3 participated in the National Conference "Decentralization and Local Autonomy" for monitoring the Decentralization Strategy. This strategy has clearly defined the objectives and measures to be undertaken with the implementation of the Administrative Territorial Reform. The main goal is to create opportunities for local governments to have more financial resources in order to perform their functions efficiently and to improve the simplicity, sustainability and equity of the transfer system together with increased transparency.

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