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IP3 was committed to draft Local Development Operational Plans (LDOP) for the Municipality of Patos, Mallakaster and Roskovec

Local Development Operational Plans were drafted within the project supported by UNDP/STAR. LDOPs became an immediate need to ensure administrative and territorial cohesion following the adoption of the law on the Territorial and Administrative Reform (TAR). With the adoption of the new administrative division of local governments, these plans come as challenge of new mayors in order to develop their territories and to serve better their citizens.

The main objective of this assignment was to provide technical assistance to the new municipality of Patos, Roskovec and Mallakaster to prepare the Local Development Operational Plans (LDOP), including projects fiches for capital investments, for a short term period of 3 years. This narrative report describes the entire planning process.

The scope of the local planning is seen as broad and complex, encompassing issues that cut across sectors, local needs and prioritization, potential resources and limitation of financial means. A mixed method approach has been employed utilizing qualitative and quantitative data collection method gender sensible in order to provide a good planning base in the short and mid-term future (2016-2018). LDOPs tend to focus on ‘what’ are the priorities of the municipality, ‘what’ it wishes to achieve and at the same time provide detail on ‘how’ to achieve its goals.

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