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IP3 conducted a tour of public events for the dissemination of RAT in Korça, Elbasan, Burrel, Kukes and Kavaja.

The Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3) has been engaged throughout the process of model analysis and drafting territorial reform. Also, IP3 has been part of the discussions for its successful implementation. In this framework, IP3 with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Albania has organized several public events with the theme "For a successful territorial reform", with the aim of disseminating this reform. The events were organized in the municipalities of Kavaja, Durres, Elbasan, Burrel and Korca.

The scope of the events was the dissemination of the Territorial Administrative Division and Decentralization Reform, in order to obtain real opinions on the implementation of these reforms and to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation and possible actions that should be considered by policy makers to implement further decentralization.

IP3 conducted an analysis of the impact of administrative and territorial reform in each municipality and the results were shared with participants in those events. Participants expressed their thoughts and recommendations to advance this reform as well as the need for a revision of the role of municipalities, now that the territory and citizens' expectations are higher.

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