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Training women councilors to to increase their capacities and youth to be active in local decision making and to contribute to the democratic development of society.

The Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3), with the support of FES and the OSCE Presence in Albania, has organized a round of trainings with young people from all over Albania on their involvement in local politics as a necessity of local government. This is a very positive initiative to increase the role of youth and foster dialogue as a need and value added to the country's development. Training the youth network on local policies and their active involvement in their design and implementation contributes to the democratic development of society and promotes a sustainable development of the country. This training is supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung for five years, aiming to engage as many young people as possible. Young people are an important link to this development and should be made aware of becoming active and responsible citizens who raise their voice to address their problems and contribute to the democratic development of society.  

Also, IP3 with the support of FES and the OSCE Presence in Albania, has organized a training tour with women councilors in the Qark of Korça, Kukës and Elbasan. These trainings were carried out in order to strengthen local capacities by providing new knowledge in the framework of increasing their performance in performing public functions. The trainings proved to be successful as the participation and interest of the councilors was quite high and their involvement training was very active.

The need to involve women in local decision-making is one of the most discussed issues, not only in different analysis within gender equality but also in its discourse through various legal acts. Gender equality in local decision-making is not just a matter of figures, but is an issue related to effective democratic participation. The emphasis of this training is to increase local capacity by promoting greater participation of women in decision-making. The initiative to promote women's active role in decision-making was also undertaken by the current central government. Women need to understand their role and the importance of their active involvement in local decision-making.

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