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The “Institute of Public and Private Policies” (IP3) is an independent, national not-for-profit think tank, based in Albania. IP3 since its establishment in 2004 provides its analysis by aiming the promotion of public and private policies in different areas and across numerous sectors, consistent with European tradition of individual liberty and values of good governance, free market economy and private property rights.

To achieve its purpose, IP3 employs a mix of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing, and convening. The IP3 seeks to establish institutional channels to foster public and private policy dialogue in Albania by carrying out research and producing cutting edge policy options, project results, and recommendations for reform in areas critical to accelerate the country's integration in the European Union. IP3 strengthens public policy through rigorous analysis of pressing social issues such as poverty and social welfare, children and families, housing and neighbourhoods’, and the workforce; and builds problem-solving relationships between the academic and policymaker communities.

The Institute conducts research using its own policy analysts and economists, specialists from universities, and consultants; provides survey research services; produces public policy education and training programs; initiates discussion of society’s most pressing needs among diverse audiences.
Our vision is to be the source for public and private policy ideas and analysis.

IP3’s mission is to establish institutional channels to foster public and private policy dialogue in Albania by institutionalizing practical and effective methods and techniques.
IP3 staff is composed from a broad range of academic fields and international consultants. IP3 is led by the well-known and professionally recognized Mrs. Albana Dhimitri who served as the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Tirana from January 2005 to the end of 2011. In her capacity as the Deputy Mayor of the capital city, Mrs. Dhimitri and her team made a difference in the life of Tirana’s constituencies by strengthening good governance, improving and expanding delivery of local public services, and contributing and advancing the local government institutional and financial reform. Additionally, Mrs. Dhimitri represented the Municipality of Tirana in international and regional conferences, and workshops and advocated on behalf of the municipality.

Mrs. Dhimitri holds an Executive Master in Public Administration (graduated with honors) from the University of Syracuse, Maxwell School of Citizenship. The Executive Director of IP3, Albana Dhimitri has been extensively involved in national reforms not only in Albania but also in Kosovo and Macedonia.

IP3 engages ten staff on full time basis and contracts out international and local expertise as needed on project basis. The institute has attracted senior and well-seasoned professionals in key areas of expertise covered by IP3 such as: public policy and administration, public finance, macro and economic development, ICT, law, civil engineering, architecture and Public Private Partnership.





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