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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development (5)

IP3 was committed to assist municipalities to develop guiding documents that will serve as a local constitution for next 15 years.

Drafting General Local Plans is a project designed to come up with planning documents at local level according to the new Territorial and Administrative Reform. The project was an iniciative of Ministry of Urban Development and was supported by National Territorial Planning Agency. IP3 was committed to assist Municipality of Kavaja, Divjaka and Rrogozhina to develop guiding documents that will serve as a local constitution for next 15 years.

IP3 has conducted a deep analysis and assessment of all the existing plans, strategies, policies, norms and standards. The team also realized a scanning and evaluation of the territory. The new territorial organization aims to empower the new municipalities by enhancing their capacities to provide high quality and timely services to citizens and increasing the efficiency of local government’s resource management. One of the challenges that municipalities were facing was the development of the territory. Another challenge was to use their natural resources, particularly the agricultural land; how to use the resources or cultivate more in order to achieve economic growth.

This project consists in carrying out a detailed study on rehabilitation and restoration of existing architectural buildings by creating a unique ensemble based on the tradition of local architecture.

The study area includes the villages of Qeparo, Kungi, Pilur, Protopape and Kudhës.

The project was undertaken and developed from the Municipality of Himara in cooperation with Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3). The main aim of the project is the rehabilitation of residential areas through the creation of the restoration project and returning the village to monumental cultural heritage.

Assessment of the current situation of each and every one building located in the area subject of this study in relation to existing and future urban plans, the position of each object in accordance with tourist infrastructure and with existing project development planned by local and central authorities in Himara Municipality. This project is financed by Italian – Albanian Debt for Development Swap Agreement (IADSA).

This project consist in the transformation and integration of functional area program into territorial strategy, part of the general local plan.

IP3 provided technical assistance to the Municipality of Tropoja in order to enhance its capacities in strategic planning, specifically in the preparation of the important development document as Territorial Strategy. Together with the support of DLDP, IP3 municipality assisted in drafting the Territorial Strategy, as part of the General Local Plan. 

Prepare a Master Plan and Feasibility Study for Communal Infrastructure Works in Albania Alps Area

This project is “An assignment to analyze tourism development potential and market demand in the Albanian Alps and prepare a suitable tourism development strategy”. It is designed to provide support to the Albanian Development Fund for planning and implementing investments aimed at developing tourism in the Albanian Alps Region.

The overall objective of this project is “to provide a sustainable socioeconomic development plan for the communities of the Albanian Alps, which will show different options for financing the basic municipal infrastructures and services, the feasibility of each option and their risks and assumptions.”

The project aims to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of such a development plan based on the demand assessment for rural tourism and will propose a marketing plan for developing competitive tourism activities. 

The project is funded from the Council of Europe Bank (CEB) and it is implemented from the consortium headed by PM Group and Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3), as local partner.

The target area is a selected geographical area of the Albanian Alps. However, the activities do not focus exclusively on that area, but extend to nearby economic functional units such as the whole territory of Shkodra, Vau i Dejës and Tropojë, plus bordering municipalities (Fushë Arrës and Puka).

IP3 was committed to draft Local Development Operational Plans (LDOP) for the Municipality of Patos, Mallakaster and Roskovec.

Local Development Operational Plans were drafted within the project supported by UNDP/STAR. LDOPs became an immediate need to ensure administrative and territorial cohesion following the adoption of the law on the Territorial and Administrative Reform (TAR). With the adoption of the new administrative division of local governments, these plans come as challenge of new mayors in order to develop their territories and to serve better their citizens.

The main objective of this assignment was to provide technical assistance to the new municipality of Patos, Roskovec and Mallakaster to prepare the Local Development Operational Plans (LDOP), including projects fiches for capital investments, for a short term period of 3 years. This narrative report describes the entire planning process.

The scope of the local planning is seen as broad and complex, encompassing issues that cut across sectors, local needs and prioritization, potential resources and limitation of financial means. A mixed method approach has been employed utilizing qualitative and quantitative data collection method gender sensible in order to provide a good planning base in the short and mid-term future (2016-2018). LDOPs tend to focus on ‘what’ are the priorities of the municipality, ‘what’ it wishes to achieve and at the same time provide detail on ‘how’ to achieve its goals.

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